Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

We've been knowing for a while now that we were going to be in Dallas for Halloween. The plan was for all of us - kids and adults - to dress as Star War characters. That didn't happen. Oh, well. At least my nephews and niece kept up their end of the bargain!
And checkout my niece... she totally got into character!

Costume shopping this year was a nightmare between my daughter's indecisiveness and the ridiculous costume prices! Isabella and Lucia ended up using costumes that were laying around my sister's house and her friend lent us one so all we had to buy were the crowns. Not bad for a costume that was bought on Halloween Day!!! I love how Isabella isn't wearing shoes in her pic - very Cinderella of her, don't ya think?
Happy Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

Next year we'll do the Star Wars theme babe. I know you were really looking forward to being Princes Leia.