Friday, November 20, 2009

Lunch With the Cool Cousins

Tomorrow, we will have been in Dallas for four weeks. Almost every day, I thought to myself that I needed to pack up my girls to go have lunch with their cousins at school. My sister predicted that time would fly by and she was right. Yet further confirmation of why she was in the GT (Gifted & Talented) Program at school and I was not. :)

Today is the last day of school before the kids are off for Thanksgiving break and we head back home. Can you guess what we did today? Yup.... had lunch with the cool cousins.

We only ate with Joshy - his class has the first lunch break. It was a great day to meet for lunch - pizza day! When there is only 10 min left before the bell rings, the teacher announces that it's "chow time" and all the kids really get down to eating, no more talking allowed. So funny... and it works, too!

Then we met up with Sophia. We all just talked while she ate her lunch. Once she was finished, she treated the girls to ice-cream cones so she wouldn't have to eat dessert without them. Is that sweet or what? And my sister wasn't even there telling her to do so! My girls got lucky - I hadn't allowed them to get ice-cream during their lunch with Joshy.

On the way out, we snapped a quick pic with Alex, just as he was walking into the cafeteria. Perfect timing and "Lunch with the Cool Cousins" was declared a huge success!

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