Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yes, I Have.

This past weekend I went to a party thrown by one of my oldest friends. I've known her since I was 12 yrs-old. She dropped out of school the first few weeks of our freshmen year in high school, so needless to say, we have lived very different lives. Her's filled with characters that are a lil rough around the edges, drugs and alcohol. Mine jail-free with college and a husband.

We really are pretty opposite but I love her parties. I feel so at ease. No one is trying to show off for anyone, what you see is what you get. Take it or leave it. While I was at the party, one of her sis-in-law's came over to say hello. I ended up filing her in on my life, our med school journey and how Harold was doing. Then she said to me, "You've done good for yourself, Laura, you really have."

I've heard this statement before when I mention that my husband is in med school. Or "You caught yourself a good one." And every time it bugs me. I know it's partly my sensitivity but it's also partly the messed up world we live in. Why does my husband's future profession automatically imply that he's a good catch?

I love my husband and I would have loved him the same had he been a piano player, painter or accountant. I love him because I know that he'll always be faithful, I love him because he's always been a hard-worker. I love him for the way he treats our children and for his love of God. I love him because he's sincere and has a beautiful heart. There's so much more to him than the fact that he'll be a doctor one day.

So I gotta think of what to say to these statements that I'm sure I'll hear once or twice again. I can't start rambling of my husband wonderful qualities or else I'm afraid I'll sound like some type of nut. I guess, for now, next time someone says, "You've done good for yourself, Laura, you really have."

I'll just have to smile and say, "Yes, I have."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Check It Out

So with all the blog reading that I've been doing, I've come across a lot of cool contests. I never enter any of them because once I read how to enter the contest, I have no idea what they are talking about. I saw a contest for this cool bike and thought I'd give it a try! And it worked.... the ad appeared on my page! Yay!

I'm not a big bike rider but Harold is - take a look at the right bar ad and check it out! Don't you think he'd look great in a baby blue bike with two cute lil girls sticking out the cargo bin?

I thought so, too!