Friday, October 30, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

We're in Dallas spending approx. 5 weeks with my sister's family. Harold's doing an away rotation, at Parkland, while the girls and I hang out and attempt to do some schoolwork. It's only been a week and I think I'll grade the week a C+ as far as having five kids and two dogs, under one roof, trying to get along and share.

This morning was Crazy Hair Day at my nephews and niece's school. I love that I am getting to share in these lil things with kids that I love as much as my own. I know this because I put one of them in time-out last night and felt zero guilt. Just like when I do so to my own kids.

Alex's hair is "long" to me but cool to the rest of his friends. Just the perfect length for a funkly lil mohawk - can't get much crazier than that!

Sophia ended up with two teased pigtails - the pic does it no justice. My sis definitely put her 80's bang teasing skills to good use. I feel for the child who sits behind her in class since their blackboard view will for sure be obstructed.
And Joshy, this lil bundle of energy is anything but neat and proper - his hair doesn't even get this slick for church. Too bad we didn't have a bowtie to add to his shirt.

When I told Alex that I was going to post his pics on here he said, "Cool! Now everyone around the whole world can see me!!!" Isn't that sweet? My nephew thinks I have a global following.

I just laughed and moved this week's grading to an A++!

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