Thursday, September 30, 2010

Isabella is Six!

Guess who turns six today? Guess how we celebrated?
About two months ago, Isabella decided that she wanted to cut her hair and donate it to Locks-of-Love. I was worried that her hair wasn't quite long enough and convinced her to wait til her birthday.... which got me thinking. I always tell the girls their births were God's gift to the world - maybe now we could continue making the day extra special by giving the "world" our own little gift on their birthday.

Can you see how excited Isabella was with our new plan? This year her gift was "a wig for a child with cancer who doesn't have any - don't say bald, say 'who doesn't have any hair,' ok?" I hope to always remember this day. She must have reminded the hairdresser that she was giving her hair to a child with cancer about 100 times. The hairdresser smiled at her excited energy but I also knew some nervous chatter was mixed in but she never changed her mind.

That's my girl!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Cutest Birthday Cake Yet!

Today was my birthday. Tomorrow is Isabella's. Tonight we celebrated together.
Isabella loves, loves, loves hearing the story of the day she was born. I'm sure all kids do. She loves it when I tell her that her daddy announced she was a girl before the doctor since he was sooo excited. And lately, I've added in another part of the story - how she didn't want to share her birthday with me and refused to be born on my birthday... it cracks her up every time!

And what do I love? I love that she gave me the best gift ever - a chance to be her mom.

And I especially love my cake this year! I faxed the Cookie Co. one of Isabella's drawings since she is big on family drawing these days. Doesn't it look great?
PS: Another bonus to a cute cake and even cuter birthday partner? No one asked me how old I am now!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Call Me Kathy Lee Gifford

I have re-entered the working world after a five year break... five years!!

My new position is Corporate Advertising Coordinator and Graphic Designer for a Texas bank. Yes, I was able to keep up with my design skills by working as a freelance graphic designer but this new gig is still taking a lil getting used to. Until I find my groove, these are the thoughts that go through my head... some on a daily basis.

• How do single mom's do this? I haven't a clue! If it where not for my sweet husband, our family would be crumbling.
• Who do I talk to about getting an extra two hours into my day? Where does the time go? I honestly no longer have a clue!
• I love my job. I honestly do. To be surrounded by so many adults has been much more fun than I ever expected.
• I always knew I wasn't a great cook and these past two weeks have been my confirmation. Cereal for dinner and breakfast isn't that bad, is it?
• No matter how early I drop off Lucia or how late I pick her up, there is always a child that has arrived before her and one that will still be waiting after her. Still not sure how I feel about that.
• Loving Friday jean day!
• As a self-proclaimed TV junkie nothing beats cuddling on the sofa with family. Sorry, Law & Order - you've been demoted.

And finally....
• I am the Marketing Dept's "Kathy Lee Gifford!" Ugh. That kinda hurt to write but it's true. Any chance I get to share a funny story about my girls, I do. I never realized what a mom I am. If I'm not bragging about my kids, I'm sharing a funny story. If I'm not sharing a funny story, I'm bragging about them. It's a sad cycle. Lucky for me, everyone seems to find my stories amusing. Let's see if they're still laughing three months from now!

Monday, September 13, 2010

No Longer A Stay-At-Home Kid

Today was a big day in the Jimenez household - Lucia and I both had somewhere to be!

This past week I accepted a job offer. I'll still be doing freelance design work but our family just needed a steadier and more reliable income. Today is my first day back in an office setting after a five year break! This also means that Lucia will now be attending school!!! Yay! Poor thing would ask me on an almost daily basis when she could go to school. How sad is that?

Doesn't Lucia look so grown up? And of course, posing as usual. She was sooo excited! I was talking to my sister and telling her about how happy Lucia was to finally be going to school and she said something that had me cracking up. She said, "Of course she is! She's no longer a stay-at-home kid!"

Lucia will be attending a Spanish immersion school. It'll be interesting to see how she does - almost the entire day is taught in only Spanish! Dios mio!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11

I saw this picture on one of my favorite blogs. Don't you think it says it all?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Look Who's Home!

This past week was a busy one for Gladney - they were able to reunite some cuties in Ethiopia with their forever families. So, so exciting!

I have been working on an adoption announcement for the Owen family so I had already seen pics of their adorable boys and now you can, too! Brian and Tracy invited their moms on their second and final trip to Ethiopia to pick up their boys. Too sweet.

Check out their blog and read all about their exciting journey.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lucia, Lucia, Lucia!

When Lucia was born, she was so calm. She really was content in any situation - sitting in her car seat, being held or riding in her stroller. I breathed a sigh of relief and figured I was being blessed with an easy-going, quite and sweet child. She was exactly what we needed as we tried to survive med school and parent a bright, loud and independent first child.

Not sure when it happened but it has all changed. Lucia can be louder than Isabella and while I was always able to dress Isabella in any outfit of my choosing, Lucia is very vocal when it comes to her clothes. The past few months I've noticed what a funny little personality she is starting to get.... whether she is chasing the dog with my electric toothbrush or screaming, "O! M! G!" at something or someone - she really does crack me up on a daily basis!

Her latest form of entertainment is "posing." I am constantly deleting pics that Isabella takes of her. I saw these and thought maybe I should keep a few.

She is too darn funny!