Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Cutest Birthday Cake Yet!

Today was my birthday. Tomorrow is Isabella's. Tonight we celebrated together.
Isabella loves, loves, loves hearing the story of the day she was born. I'm sure all kids do. She loves it when I tell her that her daddy announced she was a girl before the doctor since he was sooo excited. And lately, I've added in another part of the story - how she didn't want to share her birthday with me and refused to be born on my birthday... it cracks her up every time!

And what do I love? I love that she gave me the best gift ever - a chance to be her mom.

And I especially love my cake this year! I faxed the Cookie Co. one of Isabella's drawings since she is big on family drawing these days. Doesn't it look great?
PS: Another bonus to a cute cake and even cuter birthday partner? No one asked me how old I am now!

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