Thursday, September 30, 2010

Isabella is Six!

Guess who turns six today? Guess how we celebrated?
About two months ago, Isabella decided that she wanted to cut her hair and donate it to Locks-of-Love. I was worried that her hair wasn't quite long enough and convinced her to wait til her birthday.... which got me thinking. I always tell the girls their births were God's gift to the world - maybe now we could continue making the day extra special by giving the "world" our own little gift on their birthday.

Can you see how excited Isabella was with our new plan? This year her gift was "a wig for a child with cancer who doesn't have any - don't say bald, say 'who doesn't have any hair,' ok?" I hope to always remember this day. She must have reminded the hairdresser that she was giving her hair to a child with cancer about 100 times. The hairdresser smiled at her excited energy but I also knew some nervous chatter was mixed in but she never changed her mind.

That's my girl!

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