Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Call Me Kathy Lee Gifford

I have re-entered the working world after a five year break... five years!!

My new position is Corporate Advertising Coordinator and Graphic Designer for a Texas bank. Yes, I was able to keep up with my design skills by working as a freelance graphic designer but this new gig is still taking a lil getting used to. Until I find my groove, these are the thoughts that go through my head... some on a daily basis.

• How do single mom's do this? I haven't a clue! If it where not for my sweet husband, our family would be crumbling.
• Who do I talk to about getting an extra two hours into my day? Where does the time go? I honestly no longer have a clue!
• I love my job. I honestly do. To be surrounded by so many adults has been much more fun than I ever expected.
• I always knew I wasn't a great cook and these past two weeks have been my confirmation. Cereal for dinner and breakfast isn't that bad, is it?
• No matter how early I drop off Lucia or how late I pick her up, there is always a child that has arrived before her and one that will still be waiting after her. Still not sure how I feel about that.
• Loving Friday jean day!
• As a self-proclaimed TV junkie nothing beats cuddling on the sofa with family. Sorry, Law & Order - you've been demoted.

And finally....
• I am the Marketing Dept's "Kathy Lee Gifford!" Ugh. That kinda hurt to write but it's true. Any chance I get to share a funny story about my girls, I do. I never realized what a mom I am. If I'm not bragging about my kids, I'm sharing a funny story. If I'm not sharing a funny story, I'm bragging about them. It's a sad cycle. Lucky for me, everyone seems to find my stories amusing. Let's see if they're still laughing three months from now!

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Emily said...

Laura, I love reading your blog! I feel like I can still keep up with you this way. It sounds like you are rocking your new job. The cooking will come. (two words - crock pot!) I don't think what you serve is as important as how you serve it, and you serve it up with a lot of love, which means more than all the nutrition in the world! Much love to everyone in Dallas. We miss you all terribly!