Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lucia, Lucia, Lucia!

When Lucia was born, she was so calm. She really was content in any situation - sitting in her car seat, being held or riding in her stroller. I breathed a sigh of relief and figured I was being blessed with an easy-going, quite and sweet child. She was exactly what we needed as we tried to survive med school and parent a bright, loud and independent first child.

Not sure when it happened but it has all changed. Lucia can be louder than Isabella and while I was always able to dress Isabella in any outfit of my choosing, Lucia is very vocal when it comes to her clothes. The past few months I've noticed what a funny little personality she is starting to get.... whether she is chasing the dog with my electric toothbrush or screaming, "O! M! G!" at something or someone - she really does crack me up on a daily basis!

Her latest form of entertainment is "posing." I am constantly deleting pics that Isabella takes of her. I saw these and thought maybe I should keep a few.

She is too darn funny!


Leigh said...

she is adorable!

mccready's said...

Love it! She has definitely transformed! ;)