Sunday, August 1, 2010

Two Weddings and New Orleans

We are back in New Orleans!!!

We made the long drive a few days ago so that we could be home in time for my cousin Heather's wedding. Isabella and Lucia were her flower girls. The wedding was held in Port Allen which made for a couple of long days - driving home, changing, driving to the rehearsal, back to New Orleans, back for the wedding and finally back to New Orleans. Phew!

My cousin made a beautiful bride and Mark, a handsome groom. They are both going to be spending a few years working as missionaries in Honduras - what an exciting way to start of your marriage, huh? Because Honduras is close to both of their hearts, the wedding was full of color and little Honduran touches. Isabella and Lucia even carried handmade Honduran bowls full of rose petals as they walked down the aisle instead of the usual baskets... so sweet!

Weren't we a colorful bunch? So much fun!

Now we are looking forward to spending some time in the Big Easy, playing tourists, eating some beignets and looking forward to this coming weekend. The girls have been asked to be flower girls yet again for some dear friends of ours from church.

I think I should make them little business cards they can hand out to their new friends in Dallas with "Professional Flower Girls" as their titles!!

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