Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good-bye, Summer!

Isabella starts school tomorrow so today was the last official day of summer for us. We spent the day going to church, to my sister's house to swim and to have dinner. It was a nice way to end an even better summer!

On the way home, Isabella was starting to get a lil nervous about starting school, so I started naming all the fun things we did this summer and it really was a lot! Who knew we'd been so busy? These were some things we came up with in case Isabella was asked to share a few summer memories with her class.

• Moved to Dallas so Harold could start his Residency
• Slumber parties with our cousins - here in Dallas and in Houston
• Trip to Costa Rica - saw a volcano, took a river raft trip, waterfall hike, went to the beach, held a butterfly and more
• Snowballs, snowballs and more snowballs!
• Girls were flower girls in TWO weddings
• Swimming
• Exploring Dallas - movies, library, restaurants and splash parks
• Quick trip to New Orleans to visit family and friends

We came up with much more but these are the highlights. Hopefully, a few of these will get mentioned in class. Then again, Isabella may have everyone convinced that we are a boring family and just say that, "She watched tv." We did do a lot of that, too!

Good bye, summer!

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