Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School

Yesterday was Isabella's first day at her new school. She is having to repeat Kindergarten since TX and LA have different birthday requirements. I'm still a lil aggravated by this but that's another story.

Sunday night, she started crying that she didn't like school once she realized that she was not going into first grade. I'm sure nervousness and a lil fear had something to do with her comments but it still made my heart break. Of course, the only thing I could to do was to stay up late and make her a new purple headband!Monday she woke up and acted as if it was Christmas morning - she was soooo excited!! Oh, how Isabella loves to keep us on our toes. On the way to school I thought that I'd gladly put up with back-to-school meltdowns if I can keep her little forever - she's becoming such a big girl!

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