Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Peruvian Independence Day

This year's celebrations bombed!

I was so excited to celebrate Peru's Independence Day! Not only did we have a sitter lined up but we had four Peruvian restaurant's to chose from. Yes, four! There are none in New Orleans so this definitely counts as another Dallas perk. Harold was working but was meeting up with us after he got off.

So what went so wrong? We were running late. The restaurant lost our reservation. Limited menu which meant no ceviche or lomo saltado for me. Place way too packed to stay (poor planning on restaurant's part). We decided to skip Peruvian food and just go out to eat but since Dallas is no New Orleans, everything was getting ready to close. What a mess!

We finally ended up at an Irish pub - yes, Irish!! - and tried to pretend all the green was really red. Oh, well, at least I was able to update my Facebook pic in honor of the day!

Viva Peru!

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