Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

My day this year went something like this...

7am: Girls come into our room ready to start the day. I pretend not to hear them and listen as my husband jumps out of bed and quickly ushers them out the room. Usually once I'm awake I cannot go back to sleep but this one time, I do! Yay!!

8:00am: Knocking. Lots of knocking. I wake up and decide my husband can take care of it and roll over. Knocking. More knocking. And even more knocking. I get up prepared to scream at my girls and shoot my husband a mean look only to find both my girls and husband are locked in the office. I laugh to myself as I walk to the living room and realize that on Mother's Day 2010 , I was able to "save" my family.

9:00am: Decide that we have plenty of time to go to IHOP for breakfast and still make it to 10am Mass. Of course, we weren't the only ones that had that idea so it didn't happen. No worries - we we ended up at La Madeleine which is much yummier (per my mommy opinion).

9:30am: Try to read the paper, enjoy my breakfast croissant and ignore my children who are whining to their father over every. little. thing. Seriously, why are my girls incapable of speaking normal?

9:45am: Rush to pick up our table a little and wipe up sticky hands and faces. The whining has not ended so my husband gives me his saddest look and says, "Maybe next year will be better?" I had been thinking that for a good 30min. so I just smiled and said a prayer for it to come true. Notice how I didn't procrastinate on that one? ;)

10am: We made it to Mass and I keep thinking of what my husband said. Next year we may have one (or two) more kids with us and I think to myself that this year just may be the peaceful one of the two. But when I think of all the Ethiopian children I've fallen in love with I realize there is nothing wrong with that!

11am: Mass ends with a special Mom blessing. I was sitting next to an older woman who was all by herself. I know this because I wanted to make sure that my girls stayed quiet enough that they didn't bother her. She stood up for the blessing, too, and my heart just broke. It was Mother's Day and she was all alone. I decide that whining really isn't all that bad.

12pm: I decide that whining really is that bad and kick my girls out of the living room and into the play room. I feel guilty for about 0.3 seconds as I reach for the tv remote, watch a lil tv and take a mini-nap.

6pm: We went out for Chinese with Harold's family.

8pm: It's time for the girl's to go to bed and I realize that not one pic was taken of me with them - as I opened their sweet gifts, while we ate breakfast or laid on the sofa. I asked Harold to take a quick pic of us and thanked God for giving me two nutty girls to love.

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