Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I was Brought to Tears, Too.

Have any of you seen this? CNN is taking part in a pilot study titled "Black or White: Kids on Race" which is focused on kids and their attitudes towards race. I usually just read CNN's articles and rarely watch their videos. But after I read the following, I had to watch the video, too.

This is part of what was written...
"A 5-year-old girl in Georgia is being asked a series of questions in her school library. The girl, who is white, is looking at pictures of five cartoons of girls, all identical except for skin color ranging from light to dark.

When asked who the smart child is, she points to a light-skinned doll. When asked who the mean child is she points to a dark-skinned doll. She says a white child is good because 'I think she looks like me', and says the black child is ugly because 'she's a lot darker.'

After watching her daughter answer the questions, the mother is brought to tears."

I was brought to tears, too.

I felt bad for the mom. We don't really talk about race in our house, we just let our children see that we treat everyone the same which is probably exactly what this mom is doing. I remember asking Isabella what she thought about having a black baby brother and she said that it was really good. We then asked her why and she said "because I'd finally have a brother." After reading the entire CNN study and watching their many videos, I am now realizing that it's in those moments that I need to take our conversations a little deeper.

You can read the entire article here and the full study here.

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