Saturday, May 15, 2010

Graduation Squared

It is the month of graduation's in our family - today we had a party for two of our graduates!

My sister, Carmen, graduated from UNT with a Bachelor's in Education and her Teaching Certification. She will soon be a high school Spanish teacher! Her graduation was the same as day as Harold's party so she decided to pass on her graduation ceremony to be here with us - how sweet is that?!

Harold graduated a few days ago with a Doctorate in Medicine from LSU. This entire week has been one big celebration - a Dean's Reception on Monday, Hooding Ceremony on Wednesday, Commencement Ceremony on Thursday and today a graduation party.

So proud of these two!

I made both Harold and Carmen put on their caps and gowns for a few pics. They both rolled their eyes at me and dragged themselves upstairs to change. I'm glad they listened because we got some really cute pics of them. The funny part was that after my lil photo session not one of them seemed to be in a hurry to take of their gowns!

I guess they're a lil proud of themselves, too!

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