Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coffee, Ciao And An Update

Today is the 14th!! Time for another Ethiopian adoption update - I know at least one of you who has been anxiously waiting an update! (Thanks, Maureen, for your support and excitement! xoxo.)

Before I tell you the latest with our paperwork, let me tell you about two things that I learned about and have fallen in love with. Yes, I fall in love with all things Ethiopian pretty quickly these days. Is there a problem? ;) I recently read a post by a family that just adopted a baby boy from Ethiopia, named Mica. She spoke about the traditional farewell coffee ceremony as well as the Ethiopian farewell. I just felt as if this post had Harold and I written all over it.

Harold loves, loves, LOVES coffee - and that's probably an understatement. Decaf, regular, black, mocha, etc. He loves it all! I, on the other hand, can't stand any of it. Once in Ethiopia, parents are invited to participate in a final coffee ceremony before leaving to come home. It's also the caretaker's last chance to say farewell to the children they've taken care of before they go home with their forever families. I can't wait to experience this farewell ritual even though I'm hoping no one will notice if I barely take a sip!

Isn't the women's dress pretty? You should see pics of the children in their traditional attire - to darn cute!

Now for what I recently learned about Ethiopia and their good-byes. Those of you who know me personally, know that I sometimes say good-bye by saying "Ciao!" I close all my emails with that farewell. In Peru, we say "Chau" or "Ciao" and I always figured it was purely a Hispanic or Italian way of saying farewell. Not anymore. That's how everyone say's good-bye in Ethiopia! "Ciao!!" Is that not hysterical? Love it!

Here's a pic of sweet Mica telling you all "ciao!"
And now for the update... I spoke with our caseworker today! She asked that I email her an updated info sheet with our new address in Dallas. Once she receives that, she'll sign us up for our first orientation class! She's pretty sure she can squeeze us in at the end of June. Yay!!

I know it's not much of an update but it's a step forward and it's so exciting!


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