Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ethio-utopia... and My 100th Post!!

I have been wanting to go eat at an Ethiopian restaurant for months now - if not over a year. Today was our last day in Dallas and the perfect day for Harold and I to sneak off to dinner. Now that we're officially adopting from Ethiopia, I've been dying to try their foods and learn their customs. Not to mention that an offer we submitted on a house was finally accepted today (more on that later) so we had plenty of reasons to celebrate!

We ate at Addis Abeba, which means "New Flower" and it was delicious! Our appetizer was an order of Sambussa - seasoned lentils wrapped in pastry dough and deep fried. It was so good... too bad I had to share with Harold!
They brought out some Injera which I was really looking forward to trying since I've heard so much about it. Injera is a staple bread in Ethiopia and it's used to eat with, you tear off a piece and use it to scoop up your food. It was a lil more spongy than I expected but still pretty good. I forgot to take a pic of it but you can see it a lil in the next pictures - it's served warm and rolled up.

My entree was Yebeg Alitcha - a lamb dish. When the waitress took my order she pronounced it properly since I butchered the name and told me it was a lamb stew. I was a lil disappointed because I was looking forward to eating with my hands and using the Injera as my utensil. As soon as she set my food down and walked away without offering me a spoon, I knew I had nothing to be disappointed about.
Harold ordered a meat dish that was served with spinach and cottage cheese, called Kitfo ____. (I can't remember the name! Do any of you know?) Kitfo means ground beef but I can't remember the other part of the name. Oh, well. Either way, it was pretty good but not as good as mine! ;)
The restaurant was a lil far but not enough to keep us away especially once our adoption is complete. As we learn more about Ethiopia and it's customs, I'm sure we'll be itching to eat there as often as we can. We always go eat at the local Peruvian restaurants in Dallas so now we just have one more restaurant to add to our list!

PS: This is my 100th post!! Can you believe it? And it all started because of my friend Katy, who first got me hooked on following blogs, and encouraged me to start one. Thanks, Katy, it only took almost two years to get this far!

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