Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In One Week

Where does the time go? Or more specifically, where did my week go?

This past week has been a blur of mortgage documents, appraisals, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. Well, not really cleaning as much as keeping things tidy... which is near impossible around here. We had near daily house showings this week. This is a great thing if you are a "seller" but a horrible thing if you are the person who still calls this house your home and has two small kids. And a dog. Don't forget the dog!

Every time the agent called, I'd get excited, rush home to open blinds, turn on lights, straighten up the beds, turn on music, spray Glade air freshener and pick up my dog. It was horrible but I can't deny that it felt great coming home to a clean house every. single. day.

We accepted an offer on our house yesterday. Thank God... and God help me. I need to pack and keep from crying at every sweet memory that comes flooding in when I think of our upcoming move. Sigh.

For now, I will be praying for a smooth closing and working on my New Orleans wish list. So much to do and as usual, never enough time!

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