Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not Quite the Originality I Envisioned

A few of days ago, one of my new favorite blogger's posted pics of her messy house. I, of course, quickly commented and told her that as soon as my husband walked through the door I would be showing him her post! ;)

I also sent her the link to my post that I wrote a couple of months back so that she could check out this great pic.
On Friday, as I checked out another blog I follow, she had written about the same thing! The reality of how we all live in a messy house. If you, too, are avoiding the laundry that's screaming your name, you can check it out here. I quickly decided that I was going to post a pic of the inside of my car, so that I could keep with the theme of posting messy pics of one's house and surroundings. But I didn't. Honestly, I was a lil too embarrassed to do so. Yeah, it really is looking that bad.

Then I started thinking about the many blogs I follow and how I always fail miserably to write about something that hasn't been written about before, when I suddenly realized that just between these few blogs, I was the first to write about my horrible housekeeping skills! Yay! Uh, not so "Yay!" Especially since the mess that is our home is slowly killing my husband.

Sigh.... posting about my messy house was not quite the originality I envisioned for myself!

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