Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Matched!

Today was the day that we have been anticipating probably since the first week of med school.... Harold's Match Day! I won't bore you guys with the full explanation but basically it's the day we find out where Harold will start his residency and confirmation that there is a paycheck coming soon. ;)

We matched in Dallas!!!
I shed a few tears of joy and sadness... mostly sadness and not a few! :) I know Dallas will be a great place and I'm already excited to meet some of my blog friends and families. And because my husband is such a sweetie, we are implementing "Crawfish Friday's" til we leave. We also have already started the list of things we need to do, see and eat before we leave. Yum!!

The next 8-9 weeks will be a mad rush of finding a new school for the fall, a place to live, selling our house and packing. Ughh, packing! Thank God my best friend and my sister and her family live in Dallas so we'll have a group of friends welcoming us to area. Yay!!

Like I was constantly reminding Isabella the past few days, "As long as we stay together, anywhere we go will be great!" So, off we go and I know it will be a great experience for all of us.

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