Thursday, August 13, 2009

Please, Take Good Care of Her

Isabella is officially in kindergarten... I can't believe it! Wasn't I just waking Harold up and telling him that I was pregnant? I'm pretty sure that was last week. I'm not sure what's going on around here, but I don't like it. :)

Yesterday we got to bring her to class, meet all her lil classmates and introduce her to her teacher. It was only a short day and when we picked her up I asked her what she thought of her new teacher. Her response? "She's great! Nice, sweet and kind." I expected nothing else, teachers rule in Isabella's world.

Her response made me think of open house, which was this past Monday. We had to let the teacher know a lil bit about our daughter, her likes, dislikes, etc. I told the teacher that Isabella was great at memorizing, loved patterns and learning magic tricks. I wrote a lot but still not enough. I think about Isabella's answer to my question. Why do grown-up answers have to be so boring? Why can't we just say what we really feel? Why didn't I describe Isabella as great and awesome? Why was I trying to make sure the teacher knew she'd get a good student but forgot about the great kid?

I'd like to go back, scratch out all my answers and simply write, "She's great! Nice, sweet and kind. Please, take good care of her."

PS: First set of picks were from yesterday, second set from this morning. All grown up, walking in with her tote bag and nap mat.


Fish Out of Water said...

Your blog made me cry...and I am not even in an airport! Of course Isabella is kind, sweet and nice...just like her mama!

Lindsey said...

Too Sweet!