Sunday, August 23, 2009

I've Got A Problem

I don't like cleaning. I avoid it like a two-piece bathing suit. When I do finally take the plunge into the mess that has been accumulating in our house, I go into "simplify" mode. I rather throw everything away then have to actually put it away or fold it.

The past couple of weeks I've come to realize that our kitchen needs a good mopping. Sigh. I hate mopping. I love the way our kitchen looks and smells after a good mopping but obviously not enough to motivate me to do so on a regular basis. Double sigh.

So the past few weeks I've really become obsessed with checking out new kitchen ideas (see below). I just think it's be so much easier to gut the whole stupid thing than actually fill a pail with some water and Pine-Sol. It really makes perfect sense to me.

Like I said, I've got a problem.

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Alice said...

for a while there we just moved when where we were living got too dirty! It felt more overwhelming to clean than to pack everything up and go.