Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Card for That

With two small girls always in the car with me, I never get to listen to cool music anymore. Never. It's all about Old McDonald and the ABC song in the Jimenez car. Don't hate. It's not nice.

A few months ago, on my way to pick up Isabella from school, Lucia and I rode towards the carpool lane in silence. She had just woken up from her nap so I was trying to keep it a lil quiet for her, especially since no 32 year-old (in her right mind) needs to listen to how a bunch of monkeys jumping on their bed are eventually gonna get hurt. That I know from experience. As soon as we picked up Isabella and she gave me her 30 second recap of her eight hour day, I turned the music on.

For some reason, I did not automatically hit the CD button and the good ol' radio came on. There was this cool reggae sounding song on with the most awesome beat ever. At least, the best my car had heard in the past few years. The chorus was playing and I felt 23 again - out at a club, having a drink and enjoying my friends. Not dishing out goldfish crackers and changing diapers. The chorus was basically this, "I wanna make love right now na na na." It was catchy, it had all three of us hopping around in our seats. I decided to keep it on, it was just one song, not even an entire song. How much could one lil 1/2 song hurt?

A few days later, I was at a local retail shop with Lucia. I was trying to find some shoes when I heard a familiar beat. The shop had the radio playing over it's loudspeakers and the "I wanna make love right now na na na" song was on. I didn't think much of it. I kept looking thru their racks when all of a sudden I realized that my 2 year-old was belting out the chorus! How horrifying! I was mortified! The only thing that made it a lil better was that the counter girl was a cute 19 year-old who thought it was "soooo cute!"

After swearing to her that we'd only heard the song one time, I escorted my lil singer out the store before she tried to add a few pelvic thrusts into her lil show. I told a few friends about it, laughed hysterically and called it a day.

I just saw that Hallmark has come out with a new line of cards for us moms. They are pretty funny. If I see this one at my local Target, I will buy it and try to think of how to incorporate it into her baby book that is still not put together.

I wonder if they have a card for that?


Lindsey said...

Too Funny!

Fish Out of Water said...

I love it! What is only more embarrassing is when Max mimics what I say out in public, like when we walk into a bathroom and he says, "now Mommy, don't touch anything ok? Nothing!"

mccready's said...

HaHA!! Now I'm dying to know what that song was. Obviously it's been a while since I've listened to grown up music too. And actually I would pay money to see Lucia doing some pelvic thrusts! YouTube worthy, I'm sure!

jen said...

awesome story. and fyi that Target does not carry any Hallmark cards. you might try Gold Crown or Walmart... ; )

darlinghixson said...

omg! so funny! kaya did the same thing with that song. latest one he's doing is "birthday sex, birthday sex" not sure who sings it ...i didn't realize i had such quick reflex of totally turning off the radio.i played it off and said he's saying "birthday text".
now we listen to a whole lotta kids bop cd's. ever since mcdonald came out with their happy meal.