Monday, August 10, 2009

Nope, Not Funny At All

Isabella is a very smart girl. I don't just say that because I'm her mom. Her brain is always in motion. She is constantly talking/worrying/complaining about past events and future ones, too.

Her latest worry is what is going to happen when she gets married. I am not making this up. I'm not sure when or how this started. I never talk marriage around her. Ever. I usually tell her what my mom told me - study, work hard and travel the world. Then and only then, think about getting married and having kids. Such wise words... not sure why I didn't listen. :)

But back to Isabella. The other day we were out getting groceries, going to the Dollar Store, eating animal crackers off the car floor - you moms know the drill - when we had this lovely conversation.

Isabella: Mom, can Lucia ride in Papi's car?
Me: Why?
Isabella: Because when I have my kids we're not going to fit.
Me: What?
Isabella: When I have my KIDS!! When I have my kids there won't be any room in the car for them. Can Lucia ride in Papi's car?
Me: Hmm... we'll have to see.
Isabella: Ok, because kids need to stay with their moms. (Translation: Lucia needs to go!)

It's a miracle I was able to keep driving. That girl of mine cracks me up! The only thing that won't be funny is if I really do end up driving around Isabella and her many kids.

Nope, not funny at all.


Fish Out of Water said...

Oh my, you are wrong, that is VERY funny!

Alice said...

Grace already has it worked out where she and her husband will have the master bedroom in our house and Bobby and I will sleep in Thomas' room. Of course Thomas and Celeste are gone in her scenario!