Friday, July 23, 2010

What's Black, White & Cool All Over?


Today we went to go see my nephew, Alex, and niece, Sophia, perform in their final camp play. Really, it was little skits in which the kids all acted out their own made up little story. It was really cute. The theme for all the plays was supposed to be about how the animals tricked the humans into staying at the zoo in their place.

As you can see, Sophia was a zebra and my girls dressed in black and white to show their support! Oh, how they want to be just like her... especially Lucia. Isn't that adorable? Alex was a "lazy human" and kept joking that his preparation was non-existent because he just let his true character show through. He cracks me up!

By far, one of the best part about being in Dallas has been hanging out with our cool cousins. :)

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