Thursday, January 14, 2010

Praying for Haiti

For the past few days, I have been wanting to write about Haiti and the tragedy they are living, the tragedy they will continue to live for a long time. I just can't seem to do any of it any justice.

I wanted to write about stupid comments made by ignorant people re: the earthquake but realized, how will that help the Haiti people?

I wanted to write about how seeing these people suffering reminded me of Katrina and how I still feel so much anger towards those days back in 2005, but again thought, how will this help the Haiti people?

As many of you know, I follow way too many blogs and this one here is the best one I have read. A direct way that we can all help Haiti. And I just saw here that the Red Cross has raised record numbers ($5 million dollars!!) in a matter of days, thanks to so many social networks working towards a good cause. Amazing.

And if you can't help monetarily, then just take a second to join our brothers and sisters in prayer. Unity in prayer is pretty amazing, too.

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