Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Resolutions

Yesterday, I was in the car with both girls so I turned off the radio and told them we had to quickly think of some resolutions now that the year was coming to an end.

Isabella asked me what a resolution was which I found difficult to explain for some reason. I told her it was "when we resolve to do something that will make our year great and happy." Then Isabella cheerfully replied, "Oh, I have one! To go to the swimming pool - that would make my year really great!" :)

I decided to post my resolutions in hopes that it may motivate me to actually keep them past January 3rd! My 2010 resolutions are...
• To not watch tv during the week, except after 7pm.
• To teach our kids Spanish*.
• To use my stove more and the microwave less.
• To exercise more.
• And of course, to bring Isabella swimming.

This year is going to be a great one for us... I can feel it! We will officially be picking (and hopefully working with!) an adoption agency in the next few months. In May, Harold will graduate med school and Isabella will graduate Kindergarten. Thankfully, on separate days, so I don't need to choose which ceremony to attend! ;) Our trip to Costa Rica, for a much needed and talked about family vacation, is already in the works and this fall, Lucia will start school!

I really hope 2010 will be a great and happy year for us... and all of you, too!

* Totally stupid that we've yet to accomplish this task!!


Tracy said...

Hi! Thank you for visiting our blog (and for listing it on your sidebar!). It's nice to "meet" you here!

I'm very happy for your family, as you prepare to jump into the adoption process. Gladney has been a good agency to work with. We've been really pleased with them. :) If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us!

Tam said...

Oh yay, a fellow New Orlenian (and Who Dat!) I am so missing home, especially on these cold Chicago days.
Thank you for the lovely comment on our blog, we are quite excited!
Good luck on your adoption adventure. It can be very frustrating at times, but of course all worth it in the end. Btw, if your still trying to decide on an agency, I do highly recommend Gladney. They have been absolutely the best!
And of course, Geaux Saints!