Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Trip to the P.A.

Lucia is obsessed with changing clothes. She insists on wearing dresses any chance she can and goes through 2-3 outfit changes in a day. It may sound cute but it really can be quiet annoying.

This past Friday, I was scrambling to get a newsletter out when she walked into the office announcing that it was time for an outfit change. Her current dress had apparently become "boring." I told her that if she wanted to change, she had to go find the outfit and bring it to me because I was too busy to look (again!) for the perfect outfit.

A few seconds later, just as I had sent off my email, I hear a loud boom and crash. I flew out the door and ran into Harold in the hallway - as we both tried to make it into Lucia's room in 0.3 seconds. This is what we saw. With a bloodied Lucia next to it.
What is it with my kids and dressers falling on them? Another dresser fell on Isabella last year. I quickly scooped up Lucia and ran into the bathroom. Luckily, it seems as if the dresser pushed her back but it did not land on her. However, see that snow globe up there? The one that still hadn't been put away? It fell off the dresser and broke on Lucia's forehead. We put Lucia into the tub and showered her off. Her forehead was bleeding a good amount and she had a nose bleed, too. She really wasn't crying anymore but we decided to bring her to the E.R. since she looked as if she had a bad cut over her eye.
Turned out it was just dried up blood. Thanks to her full eyebrows, blood started drying up over her eye and it only needed to be cleaned up. I thought for sure she'd need stitches! So all weekend, when someone asked her what happened, she'd say that a dresser fell on her "and we had to go to the P.A.!" If I'd correct her, she's then say, "We went to the P.R.!"

I'm thinking we should have gotten her hearing checked while we were at it! :)


Emily said...

Oh my - Laura, I didn't know this happened! That is so scary. I think you should nail the dressers to the wall! Do you remember how Angelle and Dave nailed their Christmas tree to the floor when the twins were little?

mccready's said...

Poor baby. Maybe you should start putting their clothes in Tupperware! Haha!