Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two Days

A few years ago my friend, Maureen, was in town during the Christmas holidays. I'm not sure how the subject came up but she started talking about what Mary must have been thinking and feeling with her due date fast approaching (since Christmas was just a few days away). I had always been so focused on Jesus' birth that I never really stopped to think about his poor Mom waddling around, not being able to sleep well, having to go to the bathroom every hour... all of this and more in a such a primitive world.

I found this pic of myself when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter... it was taken two days before she was born, two days before my world would change. And I think about what Mary must have been thinking today... two days before Jesus was born, two days before He came to change the world.

I still talk up the true meaning of Christmas to my kids - the birth of Jesus Christ - but as a mom, I will always be thinking of Mary and loving that I'm blessed to know a lil of what she was going thru.

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