Saturday, December 5, 2009

Merry Chicken Nuggets!

I told my husband, during the Dallas/Thanksgiving break, that my resolution for the New Year would be to decorate for all the major holiday's. I said I would start with Christmas and so far, I am five days behind. At the time, I was thinking a lot about family, traditions and how I totally fail at creating memories for my kids.

Sometimes I feel that if I were to die tomorrow, all my kids would remember me by would be the chicken nuggets at McDonald's. Sigh. I can hear it now....

Lucia: "Remember the time we got chicken nuggets but they were too hot, so Mom had to cool them using the car's air conditioner?"

Isabella: "Yeah, that was funny! Or remember when she kept saying they were warm - not hot, so that she wouldn't have to cool them again? But then Papi grabbed them and held them up the car's A/C vents so they could cool off? Thank God Papi was there that day or we would have starved!"

Lucia: "That was funny! I miss Mom, no one can order chicken nuggets like she did!"

I know I do more for my kids than buy them chicken nuggets... there's always the near daily snowballs in the summer! :) So in the spirit of creating some fun memories, we are off to "Breakfast with Santa" at Isabella's school. It's much colder than I thought it would be when I first made these plans. Grrr. I wish we could just stay snuggled up on the sofa but since we went last year, I figured this might be a good memory to create for my girls - the yearly "Breakfast with Santa" day.

And who knows, we may just stop for chicken nuggets on the way home! :)

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mccready's said...

Haha! I took my kids to McDonalds for nuggets tonight too! Gotta love an easy cleanup dinner!