Wednesday, September 16, 2009


There are days when I realize that I'm not one of those "lovey-dovey-sugar-coating" kind of moms. Today was one of those days.

I brought both of the girls to the dentist. It wasn't bad but wasn't good either. Basically a lot of bribing and pleading (Isabella) along with lots of screaming and kicking (Lucia). What a mess! The visit ended with a pretty good report on Lucia but Isabella has her first cavity! The dentist said it was teeny-tiny but still needs to be filled right away. As he walked out, he said the dental hygienist would explain the procedure to us before we left.

After she explained everything to me, she called Isabella over.

Hygienist: Isabella, we are going to have to see you again, ok?
Isabella: Ok.
Hygienist: You have a little sugar-bug on your tooth! So when you come back, the dentist is going to have to chase that cute lil bug all around mouth and get it out, ok? But don't worry, it's just a lil sugar-bug.
Isabella: Ok, but is it like a cavity?

I guess I should have explained to the hygienist how I have shown both the girls my ugly silver filling plenty of times and swore to them that it's a huge cavity from my days of eating gum and not brushing my teeth! We know all about cavities in our house and nothing about cute sugar-bugs!


Debi said...

matthew completely freaked out when the hygienist visited the day care and told his class about "sugar bugs". for days he would cry because the bugs were "eating his teeth". i think your method is better - a lot less frightening than thinking there are bugs flying around in your mouth!

Regan said...

I totaly can relate my mom sugar coated everything. me not so much, if you don't do this this will happen "that's my motto" lol love your post