Friday, September 4, 2009

A Stretch Mark Free Pregnancy

I was chatting with my sis-in-law, Ruth, today via Facebook and she asked how we were doing. I replied, "We're down to 9 months - can you believe it?" And she said, "It's like a pregnancy!"

Harold will graduate med school in exactly 36 weeks. Any woman who's ever been pregnant knows that a pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, not the 36 weeks we always assumed. So for sake of this post, we'll continue with this lil white lie.

I remember when we were pregnant with Isabella how it felt as if I was pregnant forever one second and not long enough the next. I feel that exact same way about these last few months of med school. Things are happening so fast, yet not fast enough. It's already September and our away rotation to Dallas starts at the end of October. It'll be here before we know it.

When I was pregnant with Lucia, I was so excited but also sad to leave the comfort of our lil family of three. We had our routine down pat and now we had to start all over. Harold's match day is March 15th - the day we find out if we are having a boy or a girl. Oops, I mean, if we are staying in New Orleans or leaving. :) It'll be exciting but sad knowing that the majority of Harold's friends will be leaving. I've found a great friend in another med-school-wife, Katy, and our families will probably match in separate cities. It seems just yesterday I was driving up to her porch and introducing myself. Where did the time go? The routine we've become accustomed to will be different. Like with Lucia's birth, not by much but enough to know that our lives have changed once again.

So off we go to finish preparing for graduation, like with a pregnancy you can't buy yourself any more time, it's coming whether you're ready or not. We will soon have a doctor to take care of and who in turn will take care of us. That'll be nice.

It'll also be nice knowing that this will be a stretch mark free pregnancy. :)

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Anonymous said...

I like this one a lot babe. They only thing that would have made it any better, would have been the pic of the pregnant mom wearing LSU colors.