Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving "Cute Pics" 2008

As has been the tradition for the past 11 yrs, Thanksgiving was spent in Dallas with my sister, Carmen, and her gang. My cousin, Beth, and her family come too, as well as my Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary. I already had an idea of what my blog would be all about - family, friends, food, our blessings and all that we are thankful for.

On Thanksgiving Day, Isabella got a hold of my camera and decided to take her own pics of what the day was all about. I think she really captured it, don't you? These are all her very own pics except for the food shots - those are mine. I didn't think anyone would approve of me moving all the food to the floor just so that my daughter can get in a few good pictures.

Aren't the pics great? Isabella is only four, ya know? :) We're planning on asking Santa Claus for a kids v-tech camera. At one point I was going to discourage it but don't think I will. It was fun to see her in action especially when she would thank her subjects with a big smile, laughter or by screaming out "Cute pic!"

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mccready's said...

Yay! Happy family pictures! You all look so happy together. Isn't it nice to spend the holidays with family? And can you BELIEVE this snow??