Thursday, December 18, 2008

Husbands Can Be Useful Now and Then

A while back I thought I would write up a beautiful post about my husband so that he could read it one day and be pleasantly surprised. I'm thinking he must have pissed me off shortly after that thought because the post never did happen.  :)

I was at Wal-Mart this morning trying to get some Christmas shopping done (or more accurately - started) and Lucia was being a P-A-I-N! Crying, whining, trying to grab everything she could get her hands on. Needless to say, I managed to buy new toothbrushes, my yearly Christmas tradition (since this is the second year I do so), and that's about it. Cold cuts, bread and carpet cleaner doesn't count.

Anyway, I came home disgusted. Harold happened to be studying at home and came in to ask why there were three new toothbrushes on the counter. I explained that the two cool ones (they are battery-operated AND play music) are Christmas presents and the third "cheapy-Dora-one-that-is-already-opened-and-chewed-on" was what Lucia did while I walked around. As I explained this to him, not once did my eyes leave the computer. Yup, I was still disgusted with Lucia's behavior.

Harold started cracking up laughing and talking about how crazy Lucia is and how funny she can be. So I started laughing too and had to agree. She really has become a nut these days. Then it hit me - had I not had him here I would have never realized the silliness of the whole stupid situation. 

What do ya know.... husbands can be pretty useful now and then.

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mccready's said...

For some reason I had never read this post until now. What a cute story! And yes, every once in a while a husband can be nice to have around. :)