Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lil' Photographer

Yesterday was Isabella's mini-Christmas program and since Harold was off taking a test, I had to juggle a video camera, digital camera and Lucia. Needless to say, Lucia easily took 80 pics of the pews, her feet, a few smiling parents and lots of chest shots of the horrified moms sitting around us. Everyone was cracking up.

My Thanksgiving post only included pics taken by Isabella. She really has taken a liking to the camera so it's no surprise that Lucia now wants to be a photographer, too. So now its Dec. 20th and I'm frantically trying to decide what to do about the camera's I have bought for the girls. I already ordered two in orange but now think I should get one in pink and one in blue - the original plan. Ughhh.

Oh, well. In the meantime, check out Lucia's pics. It's so interesting to see things at her eye-level not to mention what she thinks is worth taking a pic of. The inside of Harold's sandal? Too funny!

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Fish Out of Water said...

What camera did you get? I ordered the Vtech camera for Max, but I also saw Fisher Price had one.

Looking forward to seeing you and your budding Ansel Adams on Christmas!