Friday, October 24, 2008

Who's the Bigger Criminal?

So Harold and I had the privilege of going out to eat with a friend of his that came in from Dallas. Very smart girl. A lil rude. Kinda racist. In my opinion.

I find it rude to come visit someone and then proceed to say how you understand why no one left for Katrina because N.O. is full of unintelligent people.  Hmmm. Turns out her future-baby-daddy is a vendor and they were in for one of those shows at the convention center. The ones where you can buy knock-off jewelry, clothes, purses, etc. I guess her clients were not very smart and while it may or may not be true, just rude to even mention it.

But this is what got me the most. After making a comment or two about how FEMA money was used lavishly and welfare money misused, she began to tell us about her new job in upstate NY. Basically, she is a lab supervisor that clocks in at 7:30pm. Her immediate boss leaves at 11pm. So they came up with a plan where he will clock her in at 7:30pm but she does NOT need to arrive til 9:30pm. The boss will then leave at that time but she will clock him out at 11pm. Hello???!!!  That's FOUR hrs a day that are being stolen from the hospital!!!

So my question is, who's the bigger criminal? My guess is that this lil stunt costs the hospital approx. $40,000 a year. Lab technologist's get paid well especially if they work evenings. I've applied for welfare before (food stamps, but that'll be another post) and trust me, no one offered me $40k worth of food! 

Smart people can be so stupid. In my opinion.

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