Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Que Viva, Peru!

Today is Peru's Independence Day!

I totally forgot about it til I read my sister's new status, on facebook. She's still got a pretty good case of Peruvian fever since she just got back from a three-week Peruvian vacation a few weeks ago. Lucky her! Sigh. I was hoping to make it there next year but it looks as if Costa Rica is going to win. How horrible is that?! Instead of Peru, I have to suffer in Costa Rica! ;)

Carmen had too many great pics to choose from so instead I'll just post two pics that I fell in love with. They are hung in the lobby of the Doubletree Hotel, in Lima (Miraflores to be exact!). I've always loved the traditional art of Peru, of women in their beautiful typical dresses, but my decoarting taste is way too contemporary. When I saw these I almost shouted for joy. They are on my list of prints to find and hang once we get past this whole med school thing and we actually have money to decorate our walls.

Que viva, Peru!

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