Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sit, Lay, Rollover... Good Girls!

Today Isabella and Lucia came in asking for a treat. I convinced them that goldfish crackers would be a better alternative.... until I realized that it still required me getting up. Ughhh. (And no, I was not reading cnn.com or people.com, I was actually trying to get some work done.)

I called Isabella back in and asked her to please pour out some goldfish crackers for both her and Lucia. It was definitely one of my "I-just-became-a-mom-yesterday" moments. A short time later I walked into the den to find goldfish ALL over the floor (whole & crushed), a small Little Mermaid bowl and another tupperware container filled to the rim with these delightful healthy snacks. Ughhh. Double ughhh.

After I poured what was not on the floor back into the goldfish box and started making my way to grab the vacuum, Isabella crawled over to me, "wagged" her lil hips and started to pant. These are her "I want to act like a puppy" cues. This lil game has become quite effective in getting her to pick up toys, eat her dinner, put away her clothes and of course, hand me the remote. By far the best puppy trick!

Soon enough I had Isabella, Lucia and Maya all lined up in a row, begging for their treat. It was absolutely hilarious. Had I had a video camera handy, I'd have a good 10 minutes of  me saying, "Sit, Lay, Rollover.... Good Girls!"

(It was a win-win situation after all - I got in a few good belly laughs and Harold gets to come home to a freshly vacuumed den! Yay! Double Yay!!)

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